Our Promise

Fair Wages

Those that work for Kiran Project are guaranteed a steady income, receiving a stipend for their work regardless of the state of the market. Dedicated to the well-being of our staff, Kiran Project gives fair and adequate wages that enable our artisans to provide for their children and families. Through interviews with our workers, we have seen that employment with Kiran Project decreases our artisans’ food insecurity and disease-related stigma, while improving their quality of life and sense of empowerment.

Manageable Labor

Kirans’ artisans are infected or affected by life-limiting disease, and thus many are not able to work strenuous jobs. Providing the space for them to produce handcrafted items allows our workers to earn for their families, without placing themselves at greater risk of opportunistic infection, disease, and exhaustion.

A Safe Space

At Kiran Project, we offer our workers a safe and restful workspace where they may devote themselves entirely to the production of their craft. Many of our workers come from extremely vulnerable situations. The Kiran center stands as a place of peace for those whose homes are difficult. For our artisans, Kiran Project becomes more than work. It becomes a community.

Quality Products

Kiran Project is committed to the excellence of our products. We seek to produce extraordinary items that demonstrate the uniqueness and beauty of each of our artisans.

Every handcrafted piece must pass the scrutiny of our supervising staff, and the artisans are continually encouraged to pursue perfection in their work, while further developing their creativity and design skills.

Unique Handicrafts

The artisans at Kiran make each product with a unique pattern and style, representing the individuality of our artisans and the thousands of individuals in New Delhi affected by illness. We guarantee that each product is hand-stiched and one-of-a-kind. Because of our value on the creativity of our artisans and designers, we work with relatively small stocks of cloth to keep our product designs fluid and subject to inspiration. Thus, while we will work our best to match the color and pattern of your order, please expect slight fluctuations from our product images as our artisans make a handcraft especially for you.